Kingdom Conspiracy

Looking for something for your reading list over the holidays? Just finished Scot McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy. Worth reading for his stimulating critique of what he calls the “pleated pants” and “skinny jeans” views of the kingdom of God. You can see a 2 minute promo for the book in the YouTube link below, which gives you the flavour. Available as an ebook too.

Out of Egypt (Matt 2:13-16)

(Continuing in our pre-Christmas series through Matthew chapters 1 and 2, focusing on the Old Testament background.)  

Last week we saw one example of how Matthew takes time out from telling the story of Jesus to draw out parallels with events in the Old Testament. “That reminds me of the time when…” There’s often an immediate surface connection between the New Testament story and the Old Testament reference – for example, place names, or key words. But the primary connection is big-picture. It’s in the continuity between the way God worked in the history of Israel, and in the life of Jesus.

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