James 2:14-26 – Part Three

We’re currently studying the letter of James, which is all about the temptation to be double-minded: trying to be friends with God and friends with the world. This is part three of a three-day look at James 2:14-26.

After our detour yesterday (watching the title bout between Paul and James) we come back to the question James raised at the start:

2:14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?

James, Paul, and Jesus would all say a resounding ‘no’. Faith without actions is dead. It might be the kind of faith that made the crowds follow Jesus early on. But when they heard about the cost of discipleship, many turned back, leaving only those with true faith. Faith which saves. Do you have that saving faith?

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