James 3:1-12 – Watch your mouth!

This week we’re continuing in the letter of James, which is all about the temptation to be double-minded: trying to be friends with God and friends with the world. Today we look at James 3:1-12.

On the door of one of my maths professors at university, there was a newspaper article about an unfortunate episode in the history of rocket science. It was an unmanned rocket launch that went horribly wrong. The rocket took off OK, but after a few seconds, it did a u-turn and crashed to the ground. Millions of dollars and thousands of hours were wasted. An investigation found the cause: a rocket scientist had incorrectly put a minus sign in one of the equations. It still ranks as the most expensive minus sign in history.

One little minus sign, and all the good work was wasted. Just like one little word can come out of our mouths, and undo all the good work we’ve done.

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