1 Peter 3:1-7

April is L-Plate month, where I’ve turned over this website to my students. They are studying an introductory preaching subject this semester, and writing for this website is part of their assessment, as well as a learning exercise for them. I’m hoping you’ll interact with them a bit via the comments function at the bottom of each post, offering some feedback. (Particularly, feedback that’s constructive or affirming – they’ve got me to deliver the negative stuff! Remember, some of them will never have preached before, and some have English as their second language.) They will then incorporate this feedback in a sermon they present in class at the end of semester.

We continue today in 1 Peter.

1 Peter 3:1-7 | Jake Swadling

Today’s passage tends to attract a lot of controversy, dealing with the role of men and women in the people of God. Jake gives it an excellent treatment coming from a “complementarian” perspective. My views are of the “egalitarian” persuasion, but I have a strong respect for both sides of the debate. I think this is an issue where Christians can respectfully disagree (and I put the emphasis on respectfully!) 

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