John 4:13-26

This week we’re looking at the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman, and what we can learn from him about raising people’s interest in his life-giving message. (You probably want to start with Monday’s short post to get the framework.)

Today, we look at three more ways in which is our model witness:.

3. Witness that offers satisfaction to those who thirst

The reason Jesus engages with this woman – despite his exhaustion (v6) – is that he knows he’s bringing the offer of satisfaction to those who thirst. We’re not just part of some marketing campaign looking to recruit people to buy something or join something or vote for something. We’re not engaging in intentional conversations for our own gain – far from it! We bear witness to Jesus because we know that we bring satisfaction to those who thirst. Unlike the rest of the world, we have the answer to the meaning of life! As Jesus said:

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