A godless world (Judges 19) – part one

Last week, we looked at one of the most difficult-to-come-to-terms-with stories of the Old Testament. This week, we continue in the same vein. Possibly the worst story in the Bible. I think just about everyone would find it shocking and distasteful. One to avoid, really. I mean, who wants to pick up their Bibles and read a story about sexual abuse, violence, and corpse dismemberment? (That’s what TV is for.) When you settle down with Scripture, I’m sure for most of us we’d find the Psalms more appealing. Or a nice story about Jesus healing someone. Or the apostle Paul at his eloquent best.

And yet here we are with (I hope) this stubborn insistence that all Scripture is inspired by God, and is somehow useful for us today. So this week, we’re going to put that belief to the test. We’ll be looking at this story in Judges 19 full of horrific attitudes and gruesome deeds. To find out what on earth this has to do with us. 

(If you’re squeamish, or dealing with issues of sexual abuse, it might be good to sit this week out.)

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