Revelation 7 – Part One

(Happy Back to the Future II day. Yes, October 21, 2015 is the date that Marty set the Delorian for back in 1985. Still waiting for my hoverboard.)

This week we’ve been looking at Revelation 6. And all this talk of judgement has been pretty scary! We started out asking about injustice in the world. If God was indeed in control, what’s he doing about it? And we got back the answer: he’s already in the process of judging the world. Of giving humanity a taste of what a Godless eternity would be like, in the desperate hope that they would choose another way.

But what about us, right now? For most of us reading this, we’ve already chosen to align ourselves with God. We’re not perfect… yet… but we’ve defected in our allegiance from a sinful world and have enlisted with God. The blood of the Lamb (Rev 5) has purchased us for God. We are now his people. His children. What about us? Has God heard of the concept of collateral damage? Of friendly fire? Are we going to get caught up in this judgement?

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