Revelation 11 – Part One

We’re almost finished with our series through what is often called the “first cycle of visions” in Revelation; just one chapter to go. So here’s the lightning-fast recap:

  • Chapter 4: Is God in control? He sure is, seated on his throne surrounded by throngs of worshippers.
  • Chapter 5: If he is, then what’s he doing about all the injustice in the world – particularly the injustice done to him and to his people? He’s already done something, through the slain-yet-risen Lamb.
  • Chapter 6: But it looks like his rebellious world is getting away with it. What’s going on? He’s judging them as we speak, giving a foretaste of the final judgement if they don’t repent.
  • Chapter 7: Isn’t that going to affect us, too? Yes, but God has sealed you for protection, and you have a glorious future to hold on to.
  • Chapter 8: What happens if people ignore God’s warning? He’ll send even greater judgement.
  • Chapter 9: How’s that working out so far? Not too well – they still won’t repent.
  • Chapter 10: So what’s God going to do next? He’s sending his church on a mission to explain why the world is like it is, and call them to repent. Here, eat this scroll, ’cause that includes you.

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