Summer series: The Sign of Immanuel – Part 1 (Matt 1:18-25)

Welcome back for 2016! During the summer, we’re doing what any good TV network does and playing mostly reruns. If you joined Coffee with the King part-way through 2015, this will give you the opportunity to catch up on some previous series. Either search the archives, or binge-read through previous notes on Matthew’s Gospel in chronological order, which will be freshly re-posted each day. (There will also be a few never-before-read episodes starting Friday, when we get to chapter 4, so look out for them.)

Before we begin, read Matt 1:18-25.

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New App for Coffee with the King

For 2016 we launch a new free app for Coffee with the King, hosted by It works on all Android devices and on iPhones. (It’s not compatible with iPads, but the website should display OK on them anyway.)

How do you download it? The easiest way is to follow these links on your device:



Or you can search for it by using:

Android: “coffeewiththeking” no spaces, don’t ask why.

iPhone: “coffee with the king” with spaces.