Why Jesus? – Part Fourteen

(If you’re just joining us, you’ll need to start with Part One for the series to make sense.)

OK, we’re in the home stretch – just the rest of this week to go. So far, we’ve seen how Jesus sent the message (in words, in miracles, in parables) that God was about to enact the next chapter in Israel’s story: the return from exile and coming reign of God. And he’d do that through Jesus, his anointed one (Messiah) who was from the line of David (keeping good on that promise), and who would execute God’s judgement and authority over the nations (as the image-bearing Son of Man). Which should have been Good News to all those expectant Jews, waiting for the restoration of Israel.

But not everyone liked the message. Last week, we already saw Jesus subvert Israel’s story in his parables – making it clear that those who enter the kingdom won’t be the “obvious candidates” from the religious establishment, but repentant sinners who embrace the new thing God is doing. Today, we focus on what he said and did that ended up getting him killed.

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