Jesus says farewell – Part Five (John 14:15)

We’re continuing in our series through Jesus’ farewell speech in John 14-17.┬áLast week, we saw how both we and Jesus’ disciples are not to worry, but to trust in Jesus. Why? Because he’s God’s authorised representative, who alone gives access to the Father. This week, we’re given another reason not to worry – because Jesus is sending the Holy Spirit in his place.

Introducing the Holy Spirit

Much of Jesus’ farewell speech is about the Holy Spirit. In fact, I’d go as far as to claim that the majority of what we know about the Holy Spirit comes from this part of John’s Gospel. It’s the closest thing we have to sustained, systematic teaching about the Spirit’s identity and role. And it contains what I think is the most significant┬ásingle statement about the Spirit – in verse 16, which we’ll get to tomorrow.

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