Ezekiel 33: God’s people, rebooted

Today, we begin a four week series through several important chapters in the book of Ezekiel (33-37). You can listen to it from the sermon audio section of this site, or enjoy it in the traditional, text-based format we all know and love…

Wouldn’t it be good if you could reboot life like you can reboot a computer? This relationship isn’t going so well; control, alt, delete—reboot. Done. I hate my career choices; hold down the power key for one second and press restart. Done.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could reboot your life when you make a mess of it? When your history is cluttered with the evidence of your bad choices; when you’ve stored too many negative thoughts in your memory and it’s crowding out your ability to function; when life freezes on the blue screen of sin and death. Wouldn’t it be great to reboot and start over again?

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