Ezekiel 34: A new leader (part three)

This is week two of a series in Ezekiel 33-37, about God’s promised reboot of his people. If you’ve just joined, you can either go to the start of the series, or simply begin the new chapter with us starting from Monday’s post.

Yesterday, we saw how clearly Jesus was the antidote to Israel’s bad shepherds: God himself, doing all the things his shepherds were supposed to do, to the point of laying down his life for the sheep. What’s more, we are now the ones who are led by the Good Shepherd—God’s new people with a new leader.

So in one sense, Ezekiel’s critique of the bad shepherds is not directed at us. We’ve got that new leader he promised, so we don’t need a human king or priest to represent us before God anymore. We have direct access to the shepherd.  

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