Ezekiel 37: New life (part one)

This is week four of a series in Ezekiel 33-37, about God’s promised reboot of his people. If you’ve just joined, you can either go to the start of the series, or simply begin the new chapter with us starting today.

In April this year, I was with my mother when she took her last breath. They’d been difficult, hard-fought breaths as her 18-month battle with cancer came to an end. And suddenly, there were none. Her body no longer had the breath of life in it.

At moments like those, the promise of new life for God’s people takes on supreme importance. We want to know what it really means. Beyond the big haired, big-smiled sales pitch that offers Jesus as the path to “your best life now.” Beyond the glib assurances that “she’s in a better place.” What does this new life we talk about mean, right now, when it matters most?

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