Ezekiel 37: New life (part three)

This is week four of a series in Ezekiel 33-37, about God’s promised reboot of his people. If you’ve just joined, you can either go to the start of the series, or simply begin the new chapter with us starting with Monday’s post.

Yesterday, we saw how Jesus defeated death on behalf of his people, and rose again so they could have new life: both spiritual resurrection (the gift of the Holy Spirit) and a future physical resurrection (when Jesus returns). But how is this our story? We end up asking that each week, don’t we? Because so far tonight: this is Israel’s story. God’s people in the Old Testament. And Jesus turns up as the fulfilment of their story. What’s that got to do with us?

The two-stick magic trick

Thankfully, God gets Ezekiel to perform a magic trick to explain it. Back to the passage, starting at verse 15:

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