Romans 8:31-34 (Part Ten)

We’re continuing in our series in Romans 8. If you’re just joining us, you’re best to start with Tuesday’s post, as it’s all connected.

We’ve been talking this week about why we can be confident in the future hope Paul spoke of earlier in the chapter. Yesterday, Paul said that we can be confident because God’s in charge of the process, from start to finish. It’s not up to us. He’ll finish what he started.

Fair enough, but is there any demonstrable evidence to back this up? He’s God, so we know he can. But how do we know he will? This is where we pick up the argument today.

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Romans 8:35-39 (Part Eleven)

Last week we saw Paul arguing for his thesis that God is working all for our good. We can be confident in the future hope Paul spoke of earlier in the chapter because:

Argument 1: God is in charge of the process from start to finish. It’s an unbreakable chain – those he foreknew will one day be glorified.

Argument 2: The cross demonstrated that God is on our side, and that he’s invested so much in us already that he’s hardly going to change his mind now. What’s more, we have the risen Jesus as our defence attorney.

Today, we come to his final argument, in the last five verses of the chapter:

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Romans 8:28-39 recap (Part Twelve)

The final post in our series on Romans 8.

You’ve probably noticed by now that there was a lot of theology packed into the dozen verses we’ve looked at over the past week. And as good students of the Bible, we’ve spent some time dissecting them in the lab so we can learn about how the passage was put together. But just like biologists, although we’ve learned a lot from the dissection process, at the end of it we’re still left with a dead animal splattered all over the workbench. In some ways, the life can be taken out of the text.

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